Ich fuhle mich nicht wohl.

I don’t feel very well. One row from completing the body of my Tangled Yoke cardigan, I managed to stand on one of my needles and break it in half. Words defy me although ‘another blow to my sanity’ comes close.

12 down, 6 days and 147 exams to go. I have started dreaming of islands where music was never invented. I wake each morning in the hope that I have contracted a highly infectious, non-life threatening disease like… mumps. Yeah. Mumps. Where all my glands swell up in my neck and I can’t hear a thing. Glorious, replenishing silence.

I’m going to bed.

One thought on “Ich fuhle mich nicht wohl.

  1. Poor you 🙁 What a killer! Maybe you could claim time off for needle related stress? Or you could get some really bad cheese and stick some in your ears and get some fibre to shove in your cheeks. That could work if they don’t look too closely.

    Think of all the yarn money you’ll get though.

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