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The one problem with my line of work is that for now, I have to make hay while the sun shines. There has been a great deal of rushing around and playing for people, teaching and examining – and there is lots more to come. I had my last lie-in for the next three weeks this morning! I know I should have clung to the covers a little longer but I wanted to tell you about this week.

Last Thursday was my birthday and because Heidi is moving back to Chicago at the end of the month, we decided to have a party together. I had selfish reasons for doing this because I am away for the next three weeks on examining work and Thursday was my last free night to cheer Heidi off. We took over This is Knit’s Knit Night. It was quite the party. There were buns courtesy of Yvonne and Karen. There was the most beautiful apple tart thanks to Laurent. There were coconut and basil macaroons, homemade marshmallows and everything-free chocolate fondue. There were chocolates, jellies, tortilla chips, peanuts, wine, and champagne! And knitting, of course. You think we were going to give up our knitting just for a party?!

There were presents, too. Laura and I clubbed together and got Heidi some Newbridge jewellery. It’s clean and simple and we figured she could wear it to some wedding-related things or to work. I think she really liked them! Lisa and Elana also gave her a customed dyed skein of sock yarn. I thought that was really sweet. Lisa and Jacqui gave me… *drumroll*… a set of their new Knitpicks Harmony Interchangeable Needles! This really took me aback. Let me tell you:

They’re wonderful!

Thanks again, girls! I think the new arrival of the Knitpicks needles has made life very hard for a lot of knitters this week. So impressed was I by the quality of the interchangeable needles (extremely light, smooth, pointy but not too pointy, a little sticky but not too sticky) that I picked up a set of 2.5mm DPNs yesterday to try out. These were an immediate winner for me before they even made it out of the pack because they come in sets of SIX. Surely this is an indication that I am not the only knitter who sits on, stands on, throws, crushes, scratches and inevitably breaks her dpns! Here they are in action.

They suit the Noro sock yarn perfectly. I love my Brittany dpns very much but have found that they suit a slightly heavier sock yarn better as they are quite blunt. I finally finished the first sock on Thursday night and spent yesterday morning knitting this whilst waiting to play for singers at a competition. There is more of the same in store for me this afternoon so hopefully it won’t drag out as much as the first sock did.

Speaking of knitting at competitions… when I was on the bus out to the competition yesterday morning, I managed to get off about three stops too late. I was walking back in the rain when a car pulled in in front of me. I figured it was someone looking for directions but no! It was Mairéad (‘fourboys’ on Ravelry) offering me a lift! She dropped me right off at the competition. Then, after the competition, I didn’t feel like going straight home so I called up Elana to see if she wanted to come Nintendo game hunting with me: she did! We didn’t get the game in the end (though it involved a dramatic, funny and sexist story) but she did help me buy ten plastic beakers, a sellotape dispenser and a shoe shine kit in the poundshop.

Aren’t knitters the best?!

7 thoughts on “Feel the love

  1. Glad you had a great b-day!
    Heidi is leaving? ;o/ I thought i would have a chance of meeting you all guys one day, guess will have to fly to US to meet Heidi ;o)

    oh, these KnitPicks needles … droool…
    If only I did not own a million needles already…

    Lucky You!

  2. Happy birthday, Aileen.

    I bought a full set of the sock needles on Sat when I was in ……… and used them on Sun. They are soo right for sock knitting – toe up socks included!!

  3. I’m glad you had a happy birthday! I want to know when your pressie from me arrives. I am excited for it and know you will love it. 🙂 I’m not confident or anything. 🙂

    I do love my jewelry. I have actually looked at those in the store many times and longed for the set! So thank you ever so much!

    And knitters are the best!

  4. Hey HAPPY BIRTHDAY or as we say FIJNE VERJAARDAG!!Sounds like you had my kind of party!
    I just got my harmonies this week too, they’re sooooo gorgeous aren’t they? Saving up for the dpns. My MIL is getting them for her birthday on monday too, she’s an ‘old fashioned’ knitter and this will be her first circular experience. She still can’t get over it that I knit with such small dpn’s. haha
    Enjoy them!

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  6. I’ve already spent a fortune on Addi Turbos….I can’t allow myself to even TRY the Knitpicks needles because then I’ll probably become obsessed with those as well! They are pretty though. Eheheh…..hope you had a WONDERFUL birthday!!!

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