What is this ‘day off’ you speak of?

It is really nice to have a day off to drink tea and watch Spring unfold in the micro-microcosm that is the back garden. I didn’t realise until just now that I haven’t had a day off to myself (where I didn’t have to get dressed and do things) since St Patrick’s Day.

Last Sunday, we had our first Crochet class at This is Knit. The valiant Charlene (sadly blogless) and I had our hands full with eight beginners but they! were! brilliant! Once we got past the evil foundation row, they worked their way all the way to double-trebles, how to crochet on to knitting, and Charlene got them started on flowers before we finished up. That’s pretty amazing, isn’t it? It was a great laugh and I think everybody enjoyed themselves. We are running another beginner’s crochet class on June 22nd so if you’re interested, get your name in early because it’s going to book up quickly! We are also going to start a short next-steps crochet course to show people how to follow patterns and charts and to work through a project. Details will come as soon as we know them ourselves!

I haven’t had a huge amount of time to do much knitting but I did eventually cave to some of this…

Debbie Bliss Pure Silk

It is for this from DB’s new book, Coastlines. I thought and thought about it but I have had to concede to knitting it from the bottom up.

Worldwide Knit In Public Day is fast approaching – Saturday, June 14th – and although there has been some talk about it over on Ravelry, nothing has been decided for Dublin city centre yet. Everybody seems to have thoroughly enjoyed last year’s events so I have suggested that we do the same thing again this year. Last year, people met at their local dart stations and travelled from north and south of the city to Stephen’s Green in the centre and knitted through the afternoon in the Green. Sounds like fun, doesn’t it? It’s up for discussion over here on Ravelry… otherwise leave any other fun ideas you might have in the comments!

If you don’t live in Dublin and don’t fancy travelling all the way up for the event, why not organise your own event? Check out the site for details – it is easy to submit your plans and should be good fun on the day!

3 thoughts on “What is this ‘day off’ you speak of?

  1. Ooooooooooooooooooo… A whole sweater of DB silk… And that is a particularly good one. The colour is beautiful too – so many shades in that one hue (or whichever way round that should go), with the silver and lilac and blues.

  2. Hi there,

    This is my first time commenting – I’ve been reading for a while but you’ve posted on a few things today that I’m interested in, so thought I’d say hi!

    I’m very interested in that beginning crochet class – might just book! I’m doing a Next Steps in Knitting class at This is Knit in a few weeks (I’m only a beginner knitter – my mum taught me the basics at Christmas and I’ve been going it alone since then but need some help moving on!), and would like to learn some crochet too.

    Question: What is this new Debbie Bliss book you speak of? I can’t find one by that name by her on Amazon – the latest one is the (very beautiful looking) ‘Home’, which came out this month.

    And … had never heard about Worldwide Knit In Public day (I’m waiting for membership on Ravelry) – amusing that they shorten it to KIP – wonder if they know about the Irish slang! Might be a good time to come out of my shell – I’m scared of knitting in public at present, not sure I’m good enough!

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