If I were Jack Black…

I had occasion to take the 83 from Rathmines across town yesterday afternoon. I sat in front of an elderly couple who didn’t say anything until we were on Camden Street upon which point the elderly lady said: ‘You know that Britney Spears wan, right? You know that big house she’s bought for millions? Yea, well, it’s in a nice quiet residential area, y’know, where Jack Black an’ all live, an’ they don’t want her there at all, with her shower of kids an’ the police an’ all. If I were Jack Black, I’d go over to her gaff and tell her that we didn’t want her likes around the place…’ Every city has their crazy people; it’s like a universal truth. But Dublin? Nothing can compare to the Auld Wans.

Anyway, here’s something to look at. The Aura cardigan. I finished the body of it last night.

Like the buttons? So do I! A new delivery of Injabulo buttons came into This is Knit last week. Nice buttons are so hard to come by and these ones are made even nicer by the fact that buying them supports the women in South Africa who make them. They’re all handpainted. I have sleeves to put on this guy and a neckband but it shouldn’t take too long. I have had a few remarks that it will soon be too warm to wear a garment like this. I love that quirky Irish optimism! Did you not see the snow falling from the sky yesterday? Or are you trying to con everyone into believing that it’s just a giant with dandruff blow-drying his hair?! (Warm weather in Ireland and magic beans: a perfect combination)

Anyway… I have some sock to show you also. This is the new Noro Kureyon Sock. I can’t remember if I mentioned it before. I’m being lazy and knitting another pair of Jaywalkers in them.

I did a little shopping yesterday between jobs (playing for exams and auditions in different places). I have developed a strategy for shopping because usually when I need something, I have neither the time nor the will to go and find it. This mostly applies to clothes and shoes for playing in. So, I have started popping into places when I have a spare ten or twenty minutes and buying things when I see them. Yesterday I found a black top in Dunnes that will be perfect for playing in. It only cost €15 but is the last thing I want to have to go out and look for the day before a gig. That’s what I mean. I bought a black dress for €80 last November in M&S. I haven’t worn it yet but I guarantee that I will have worn it at least three times by the end of 2008 (the way things are going – when it rains, it pours). But I digress. I had a look in Benetton (because I found a brilliant black skirt in there two years ago that I have worn to death and remain hopeful a variation will reappear) and saw that they had cute canvas totes for €20. Then I went to Dunnes and found this.

For €3.

5 thoughts on “If I were Jack Black…

  1. Oooooh my these look goooood. That Noro sock yarn is delicious – which colourway? It looks like a basket of summer berries with the leaves still on them. And the buttons are very sweet, and also the aura – still scrumptious looking…

  2. I love that the Aul’ Wan had Jack Black as the respectable community member that would kick Britney out!! Of all people!

  3. What do you think of the Noro sock yarn? I mean REALLY? I have found the colors (I’m from the US) gorgeous but the yarn itself is scratchy and unevenly spun. Some of the thin bits are so thin as to be cobweb. I hope the socks I have spent so much time knitting hold up.

  4. I was thinking, “My, Neels hasn’t posted to LJ in a long time,” and my, here you are, on your knitting blog!

    The socks especially are beautiful! I hope you’re doing well.

    🙂 Erin of the pink yarn all the way from America

  5. Speaking of eco friendly bags, Penneys have a sturdier version, inspired I think by that “I’m not a plastic bag’ designer one from a while ago by Anya Hindmarch which says ‘I’m an organic bag’ in black on cream. The font is a bit similar. The rest of the bag is stripey black and cream. I think it was 9 euro but has a pocket inside for your phone and another inside pocket. My knitting is now residing in one. It comes in other colours too if I’m not mistaken. Hello there by the way. I found you by way of ravelry. I’m Lindy Taylour’s daughter, the one that you went to the trouble of writing up your shrug pattern for ;D It’s still on my to do list but I’m looking forward to it!

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