Dyeing to show you

No, there is no end to the puns around here. Last Sunday, Lisa, Elana, Charlene (sadly blogless) and I got together for a dyeing afternoon. Lisa had gotten hold of some undyed sock yarn so we got together with our collection of acid dyes that we picked up in Westport that time.

I dyed two skeins.

We used paint brushes to paint on the dye. So high-tech Star Trek wanted in on it.

My other skein half-wrapped up in clingfilm.
These wool sausages were then steamed in their own dye-juice for a few minutes in the microwave

Fruits of our labour laid out to dry

Elana shows the yarn what a paint brush looks like…
…before proceeding to beat some colour into it… she’s vicious, that one.

Dry and ready to eat knit

Like what you see? Think you could handle an afternoon of rubbing up some yarn with a paint brush? Check out the new dyeing workshops now available at This is Knit! It’s going to be so much fun!

12 thoughts on “Dyeing to show you

  1. Hey, how did Elana get invited and not me?????? I wanna dye yarn, too!

    Oh, I mean, your yarn looks great.

  2. I just need to decide on which date!! Do we have to be vicious with the yarn, I might need to practice that bit first! 😉 😀

  3. lots of catching up to do, been busy…I see you’ve been busy too 😉 If didn’t live in Holland, I’d absolutly join the workshop! Great coloring job!

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