FO! (sort of)

I was in the world of Zonk yesterday, so I sewed up my Lucky pieces and finished up the ribbed borders. It all fits together fine…. except for the borders. Here’s where I sewed the shorter border into the side seam.

And this is where I sewed five feet of border all the way around… only to find out that it was too short lol!

If it was any shorter than this, I probably would have cried, but this stubby little thing… I just had to laugh. I tried it on, and I think the problem is that I sewed the border too ‘literally’ onto the edge. It is far too floppy, especially around the neck. Why did this happen? Because I didn’t pin them together before I sewed it up!

Lesson learned 😛

I have no idea when I’ll have enough time to sit down and re-do it. But I have to go over to UCD today so I’m bringing my mitten with me. Hopefully I’ll have a pair to show later.

One thought on “FO! (sort of)

  1. I am full of admiration for your progress in knitting in such a short time! Good luck with the dratted band!

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