Everybody gets stuck from time to time. These days, it feels like I am running on the spot. I have been trying to solve some problems (like the sleeve of my Prima top and the hem of my grey cardigan) and trying not to be distracted by newer, shinier projects. The result is that I am making no progress on either front.

The sleeve of the Prima top.

The first time I knitted it, I filled out the entire sleeve cap with repeats of the pattern you see there. Verdict: monstrous. The second time I knitted it, I left just the first repeat, as shown, but by the time I made it to casting off, I realised that I shouldn’t have picked up stitches right around the armhole. I left out the gusset stitches and thought that would be adequate to give it a little cap sleeve look, but it wasn’t. Third time lucky? We’ll have to wait and see.

The hem of the grey cardigan.

This really wasn’t a problem, I was just putting off doing the little bit of sums required. You are looking at the hem upside down there. The diamond shape will run along the bottom of the cardie (and if I remember, along the sleeve cuffs, too). If you look really closely, you’ll see the turning purl ridge above the diamonds. I rather like the diamonds, it relieves the endless stockinette pretty well. Ever since steeking my mum’s cardigan I have periodically thought to myself, there has to be a better, tidier way to steek than the way I did it. I had a poke around and came up trumps with this: Eunny Jang’s guide to steeking. Read it. You’ll never need to read up about steeks ever again.

The newer, shinier project. Rowan Felted Tweed for a Tangled Yoke cardigan. (You can understand why).

I ordered this about ten days ago through This is Knit, fully expecting it to take about three months to arrive. It came during the week. I have swatched. I have read the pattern in its entirety. I have even done some calculations to see if I could work it in the round from the top down (I could but I’m not going to live that long).

St Patrick, please send me a snake to work out those stupid sleeves before I start casting on ‘just to see how it works up’.

3 thoughts on “Stuck

  1. owwwww… hang in there, think FO, FO, FO and all the blissfullness and happyness and sence of wellbeeing. Put the green-fuzzy-wanna-knits away with the potatoes and finish that lovely sleeve! You can do it! So recognizable the way you knit an idea that you’re sure will work and end up doing it about a zillion times. I’m sure the finished product will be worth it! quick question… how many hours a day do you spend knitting…?

  2. Oh, no… looks like we’re in the middle of the sleeve disaster era. Lunasa had problems with her sleeve, now you.
    Hope you solve it soon!

    Oh, the Tangled Yoke is a great fun to knit. And I love your green yarn – very St.Patrick’s day ;o)

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