Hooked on a feeling

An irrepressible urge to crochet has struck me.

Cupcake top from The Happy Hooker in Tivoli Cruise aran cotton and a 6mm hook. It’s a pretty little top with scalloped hems and sleeves that I think will be useful for layering in the Spring (if it ever decides to come). I have another project earmarked from the same book – the Violet Beauregard skirt. I just love crocheted skirts!

One thought on “Hooked on a feeling

  1. I never get the urge to crochet, it feels like I would be cheating on all the UFO’s that are fighting for my attention. But I do own the book and am sure that the day will come that I get lured in. I’ve been keeping away from felting and spinning too for the same reason. I feel very loved and needed by my knitting. It’s an ego thing…

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