Blame it on Brittany

Thank you to everyone for all your lovely comments on my Central Park Hoodie! It says hello and feels very loved.

I’m not quite sure how these socks came about so I’m going to blame it on the Brittany DPNs that I picked up at This is Knit on Friday. They just got in some funky new sock yarn, too, so I decided to test drive them both! I started this on Sunday afternoon on the way to Fanore.

Trekking XXL and Brittany 2.5mm dpns

I have tried a lot of bamboo double pointed needles – Addi, Clover, Lantern Moon and Pony – so I feel secure in asserting that the Brittany are definitely my favourite. They have just the right amount of grip, they are the perfect length (for me that is, they’re actually pretty stubby compared to some others), and they are pretty blunt. Probably not the best choice if you want to do a pair of mad intricate lace socks, but wonderful for mindless stockinette.

I was turning the heel on the sock above whilst watching Alb and his brother play old Sega games on their Wii. Their granny has come up to visit this week and was sitting with us. I showed her my turned heel and she asked me, did you knit a double heel? Apparently, a double heel is two heel flaps knitted together for extra reinforcement. I’d never heard of it but I like the sound of it! Anyone else hear of this?

I figured I should finish off the Mirasol socks before I ended up with two lone, unmatching socks.

The yarn is Mirasol Hacho. It’s a 4-ply and I suppose technically not a sock yarn, but it worked out well for me. It’s a fair bit denser than Opal or Trekking; in that sense it is more similar to Colinette’s Jitterbug. I used one skein per sock with just a few bits left over, so if you like long socks, have big feet, or three feet, you’ll need three skeins.

2 thoughts on “Blame it on Brittany

  1. Of course I have heared about a reinforced heel – my granny always does (I am not realy allowed to knit socks so she won’t get out of work…). But her way is knit one, slip one throughout the first row, perl on the row back, slip one, knit one throughout the next row and perl back again. How does the double heel flaps work? However, cheers to the grannys, who knew how to avoid too much darning!

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