FO – Central Park Hoodie

It’s done! It’s finished!

Pattern: Central Park Hoodie, from Knitscene magazine, Autumn 2006.

Needles: 4.5mm Addi Turbos for the whole thing.

Yarn: Yummy Manos del Uruguay 100% wool (‘Wool Clasica’).

There’s a whale, there’s a whale, there’s a whalefish!


….and Back.

More Back…

No! I won’t face into the wind!

Hood in action against invisible flying icicles coming off Atlantic ocean which only melted yesterday

Set in sleeve

It is FREEZING! Can’t you tell?!

This afternoon, we braved Fanore beach. By ‘braved’ I mean sprinted through a mile of soft sand in pelting rain, sleet, hailstones in force 1,000,000 wind, much to the amusement of all the other feckers nice people sitting in their cars. Then, when we were sufficiently drenched, the sun came out. All smiles in above shoot are completely fake, I assure you. But… I was very snug from neck to waist in my hoodie. Which, on a day like today, is really saying something. I’m never taking it off.

My thanks to Alb for the great photos and for freezing his mitts off for me.

18 thoughts on “FO – Central Park Hoodie

  1. Awww, not only gorgeous, but snug! You actually dared to leave the house! More than I have with all my handknits! That colour is fabulous…

  2. oooooh, luverly! that is gorgeous. i know what i’m gonna make mine in now (not Manos, but beautiful Sheep Shop 1) ! beautiful rich color–looks great. enjoy!

  3. It’s beautiful. I hope to see it in person on Wednesday. Did you leave the sleeves as is? They look wonderful.

  4. I think it’s one of the nicest ones I’ve seen! I love the whale buttons, btw.

    Congratulations on a job well done.

  5. well that has to be the fastest knit “CPH” on the blogosphere ;)looks great & you are crazy ging out in the crazy cold weather, but the pics are great.

  6. This is a really great knit !!! I love the colour and this hoodie fits you perfecty well.
    These pictures could be in a magazine !!! I’m knitting a sweater with some yarn from Manos del urugay (the silk blend)and it is such a pleasure that I can’t knit anything else!
    Too bad Fanore beach is so far from Dublin…it looks nice (even with the cold and the wind). By the way, what would be a nice beach where to take a walk near Dublin ? I’ve just been to one in Sandymount (can’t say it’s really nice)

  7. Just too fab for words. The colour and the hoodie are great on you. Hope to see it in reality soon.

  8. OOoh, lovely! Now what are you going to knit on Tuesday? You might actually have to work on the Prima sweater 🙂

  9. Just gorgeous!! And the whale buttons are perfect for a coastal photo shoot 😉

    Can’t wait to see it in person … and as you’re never taking it off I presume that’ll be tomorrow!! 😉

  10. Wow! That is gorgeous! The Manos del Uruguay looks great. I´ll have to investigate it a bit more.

    And as for the weather here in Spain it´s been pretty weird -last weekend glorious sunshine and 23 degrees! middle of the week gale force winds and snow, and lots of it -they had to get the snow ploughs out!! This weekend was a Spring Fresh 15 degrees and today we´re down to 8. Spotting a pattern? cos Im not!

  11. LOL, Looove the buttons!
    And the red is one of my favourite colours! You made this hodie in no time. How do you do this? Did you grow a second pair of hands ?

  12. That is bleedin’ gorgeous, so snuggly looking! Really suits you too. Well done!

  13. Hey, it looks fantastic! With these winds (they’ve been blowing from you over there this way…I know what they’re like…) it’s a very brave thing modelling in a sweater only (eventhough it’s probably very snug in normal weather types)

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