I am a silly knitter. I am very nearly finished knitting ‘Lucky’: last night, I finished the never-ending 62″ border (I figured I should do the longer one first, I’m ploughing through the shorter one). But the closer I’m getting to sewing it all up and putting it on, the less I feel like doing so. In fact I sort of want to rip it all up and knit it again.

Here’s the start of the border that goes around the front bits and neck, and forms part of the tie at the side.

How I’m going to attach it to the body, I am unsure.

Here’s the mitten I finished up yesterday. I was watching tv and zooming along, and only realised when I was about to start the shaping for the top that I’d completely forgotten to put back in the little intarsia motif that I’d had on my previous torture-device! So what I’ll probably do is embroider some lazy daisies on or something.

I was too excited about the Magic Loop booklet my Secret Pal sent me to do a test. So I got out my aero needles (stiffest circulars in history, I swear) and started the other mitten. It is a technique that allows you to knit in the round with a long circular needle. Now, I don’t mind using DPNs for socks and mittens, but for things like sleeves and hats, they’re just a nuisance.

At first, I was paranoid that I would get ladders at either edge, so pulled my stitches tight. Big mistake! I could just about get the stitches from the cable back on to the needle lol. If you leave them loose, the fact that you’re pushing them back on to your needle will tighten them up and eliminate any ladders. I love that. So here’s how I’m getting on with Mitten 2. I’m knitting the thumb gusset at the moment.

I’m a bit down in the dumps today. I probably should get out for a while, but I have to go all the way over to UCD tomorrow to rehearse so I should stay at home and work today.

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