My thanks to Tony Soprano

Here is a sleeve. I don’t like sleeves for two reasons. One, they always take more yarn than you expect them to, and two, it is even more knitting than usual due to my orangutan arms. I joke thee not. For a snug sweater, I require a 20″ sleeve.

After a long day swinging through the trees, the sleeve rests upon a chair

Anyway, yesterday I came home, burnt myself an omelette and stuck on some Sopranos. I have been slowly working my way through the entire story and just started the third series – Pussy’s sleeping with the fishes and Tony’s mother died, saving him the headache of her testifying against him in court. If you’re not familiar with the brilliance of the Sopranos, I highly recommend it. It’s a story about the mob in New Jersey. It can be quite violent and vulgar at times, but overall it is very funny, well written, acted and shot. In a way, the combination of excellent writing/acting/photography reminds me of the uber-fantastic Clint Eastwood westerns. So, if you like those, give it a try. A little trivia via Alb… Silvio Dante, Tony’s right hand man? He was Bruce Springsteen’s lead guitarist.

The bottom line? I watched two episodes last night and when I woke up this morning I realised I had knit 19″ of sleeve. My thanks to Tony Soprano! (That, or the elves are back again).

I did some homework too. I need to get stuck into this more but I have been having a hard time visualising summer wear this week.

In other news, the design class I am taking here is going really well. The last few classes have been a little tedious as I have been just taking notes on the bazillion different types of skirt constructions that exist. Taking notes involves drafting out each construction in quarter scale so it can be slow going sometimes. However, my last class was an art class where I had to start drawing out ideas for a skirt that I’d like to make. I am aware of the paucity of my sewing skills so I want to keep it straight forward (unlike a younger student I overheard who has never sewed a thing before and wants to make an assymetrical skirt on the bias with runches, pockets and decorative set-in zips). I’d like to add some ribbon or an embroidered panel maybe. That is about as exotic as I am prepared to get right now. I have some ideas sketched out so when I get them inked out properly, I’ll show them here! The art teacher twisted my arm and made me draw things that I would never wear myself so be prepared for mini-skirts and bubble skirts…

6 thoughts on “My thanks to Tony Soprano

  1. Sympathies on the (nonetheless gorgeous) long sweater arms: I just finished a sweater for my 6′ 3″ teen age son, and he insisted on “superlong arms so I don’t grow out of it fast”: 26″!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hi Aileen, it was great to meet you last night, my head was a bit delicate this morning but I got loads of knitting done on the train so it was grand.

    My boyfriend and I watched the wonderful sopranos in January, we watched the 86 episodes in 5 weeks. We saved a fortune in those four weeks because we didn’t have time to leave the house!! Brilliant series, enjoy the rest of it.

  3. Hey! Just thought I’d say congrats on getting listed as one of the best Irish Craft blogs! This is my first time looking at your blog and it’s brilliant. So is your knitting. I love the red sweater you’re working on! If you don’t mind, I’ll add you to the list of knitting blogs on my blog. Take care!

  4. Aileen,
    Glad you have discovered the brilliance that is the Sopranos! You will find that the writing gets even better as you progress with the more recent seasons. Many of us Sopranos fans hold out hope that at some point down the line, the story will continue.
    If you haven’t watched The Wire , you may want to check it out once you finish the Sopranos. My husband and I have started watching it and it’s addictive! It’s somewhat similar to the concept in the Sopranos except it is set in Baltimore, MD and has African-American drug gangs and the very complicated plot lines of how they try to outwit the cops who are in turn fighting not only the gangs but also the bureaucracy on several levels in the City.
    One final note, has the new HBO series starring Gabriel Byrne started showing over there? It’s called “In Treatment” and it is one of the best dramas in a long time. It’s one of the most intensive dramas we’ve seen. It’s thirty minutes each evening of pure dialogue- no props, no music, no diversions- just straight very high caliber acting. Kudos to Byrne!
    Congrats on being listed as one of the best craft blogs in Ireland. Well done!

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