Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt

Today, my nose holds the world record for fastest continuous sprint. I detest having a headcold. What I detest the most about it is that it leaves you in that no-man’s land of being too well to be in bed, and too unwell to do anything productive. This is why I am glad I do not have a headcold. I just have a cough, headache, temperature and a runny nose.

I made up for lost time yesterday – I ran out of wool for this while in Galway at the weekend – and have reached the waist proper already. It is at times like these, when knitting entirely in 4ply, that I am glad to be so short!

I sort of assumed I’d put in a large ribbed hem from the waist down but upon further contemplation I don’t think I will. I’m going to knit it straight down, put in a purl ridge and knit a hem to fold up underneath. I think I will put a purled diamond texture around the bottom instead… just a little extra to give it some interest.

Evening classes again tonight and I cannot wait to see how everybody’s been doing! I’m going to bring my camera along and take some progress photos. Exciting stuff!

One thought on “Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt

  1. Hello. Love your blog. I am a VERY new knitter from the USA, but my family roots are in Ireland (Galway area — Kilcoyne). Wanted to see if I could find a magazine or something about Irish knitting, and found your site. Your knitting is beautiful! I will be checking back regularly. Would love to hear from you sometime if you have time to drop me a line! Kelly 🙂

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