Some news and some knitting

Thanks to a lot of commuter knitting this week, I have already reached the start of the waist shaping for my grey cardigan.

Of course, since I neglected to bring an extra ball of yarn with me for my weekend away (I am visiting Alb), I promptly ran out on the train ride down. Still, you have to admit that to get an entire yoke and a bit of the body out of two balls of Rowan 4-ply Soft is pretty good going. I only bought 6 balls of the stuff and I’m beginning to think it may just be enough. That’s the joy of 4-ply I suppose: if you can bear knitting an entire garment on 3mm needles, you really get a good bang for your buck.

I picked up the yarn for my next pattern submission a week ago so I figured I ought to get stuck into it. Starting’s always the hardest part!

Debbie Bliss Prima – 80% bamboo, 20% merino

I love the feel, drape and texture of silk and bamboo but have never been a fan of how unelastic they are. The combination of bamboo with merino in the Prima is wonderful – there is enough bamboo in it to keep the shiny, silky texture and drape, but the little bit of merino helps it keep its shape. I cannot wait to see how this knits up into a garment. The part I like most about what I have in mind is also the part I have no idea how to make yet! So it’s going to be interesting.

It has been a really hectic week (in a good way, thankfully) and I’m looking forward to taking a long walk by the beach and knitting some more Backyard Leaves later. I have been getting on really well at the dress design evening class (have a look here). Someone dropped out of the Monday night class so there’s room for me to take two classes a week instead of one. There is a certain ring to ‘dress design’ but take it from me, it is alot more like technical drawing at the moment. There is a lot of drawing out of basic shapes to different scales, calculation of darts and how to add in seam allowance. I’m not complaining because pattern drafting and modification is what I want to learn (almost more so than the actual sewing), but another girl who started with me wasn’t expecting it to be like that at all.

This, unfortunately, clashes with Glasnevin knitting on Mondays but Laura and Heidi were really cool about it and we have relocated to Wednesday nights instead, starting from February 20th. Aren’t they the best?! Want to come along? We meet in Botanic House pub at Hart’s Corner, Botanic Road, from 6pm to 8pm. From town, you can get the 40, 40 A/B/C/D, 140, 19, 19A, 4, 4A, 13 and 83 bus. From Finglas area, get any 40 or 140 bus. From Ballymun area, get the 19, 19A, 4, 4A, 13 or 83. You can also get the train to Drumcondra (Maynooth line) and walk up Whitworth road (about a 10 minute walk). Come and join us!

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  1. If I understand well, you have to commute a lot, which means a good time to knit (if you don’t have to drive of course). My best time to knit is when I take the train. Tanks a lot for yoyr advice about the stuffing. It worked well !

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