6 thoughts on “Fluffy Cuffs Pattern Now Available

  1. That is a great picture! Oh, thanks for the you make my day award. I promise I will blog about it soon. You and Laura make my Mondays as well.

  2. Hey, looking good there! (cuffs as well as yourself 😉
    Say the mantra with me; ‘be the next Clapotis, be the next Clapotis, be the next Clapotis…’ 😉

  3. I love the ‘tongue effect’ – as we call it in Danish – that a row of holes turned up makes at an edge. I have made a basic sweater pattern where I always use either that or just a row of purl sts. It gives such a nice firm cuff and edge in general once it is turned up and sewn. As for the angora, that is just pure luxury!

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