Unintentionally Grey

I dislike the colour grey but have managed to end up working on not one, but two, grey projects. The first is the grey cardigan that I cast on for last Sunday. The yarn is a gorgeous Rowan 4-ply Soft – a lustrous 100% merino that’s knitting up deliciously on 3mm needles. I have made powerful progress on this one thanks to some bus knitting on Monday and Tuesday, and some late students today.

Since it is a seamless set-in sleeve, I worked the back down from the provisional cast on until I got to the armhole shaping. You can see in the picture that I’ve shaped the front and was working my way down to the armhole shaping. Even though this is a cardgian, I joined the two fronts. I hate working cardigans back-and-forth: it turns what should be a joyous occasion into a penance. And who could miss out on the thrill and drama of cutting one’s knitting at the end?! I cannot wait! It is the knitting equivalent of a parachute jump.

I have also been working the Dashings for my friend’s Grandad. This grew frighteningly quickly on Tuesday night and is almost complete.

What was on Tuesday night, I hear you ask. Aha! The evening classes I was going on about before have finally kicked off. There are three in the first class. They brought along patterns that they want to knit and we’ll be modifying them to fit perfectly. There are four in the second class – the one where you design your own sweater – and I am just a tad over-excited about what we’re going to be doing. There are two top-down raglans (always fun to introduce someone to their first top-down garment), a bottom-up seamless hybrid (I know! I know!) and a top-down seamless set-in sleeve cardigan (a woman after my own heart). Watch this space for progress photos from the classes!

3 thoughts on “Unintentionally Grey

  1. Hey my book has finally arrived after ordering it weeks ago – i ended up ordering the book knitting from the top down – off to the shop to get it now. let you know what i think of it and if its going to be helpful for me 🙂

    I personally love dark grey yarn colour 😉

    good to hear your classes are off to a great start!

  2. wow, much respect from a wannabe-neelesque-knitting-teacher. Let’s first start with the beginners ej… and by the time I get round to all those different sweatertypes myself, I’ll start thinking about teaching those how-to’s…
    Good luck and have fun!

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