You Make My Day

I have been a bit lax in keeping up with my blog reading this week because I have been so busy, so I only discovered this yesterday: Bryony nominated me for a ‘You Make My Day Award’! I was really touched. I think you have to nominate someone else and keep the award going, so here we go.

Bryony – I’m going to nominate Bryony back, and not just because she nominated me! I got to know Bryony through my first secret pal session ages ago and we have kept in touch since. I want to nominate her because she’s been having a rough time of it lately with poxes of many varieties. She’s recovering now but do pop over and wish her well… and drool over her gorgeous spinning.

Lisa and Jacqui – The girls from This is Knit – it is a true knitting embassy! I have met so many other great knitters through the shop and through classes… and they have been single-handedly responsible for me writing patterns. I tend to sit back and let things happen but Lisa and Jacqui have been great in spurring me on to try new things. Thanks girls!

Heidi and Laura – for turning up to Glasnevin knitting and keeping me sane. Seriously, girls, you make my day every Monday!

Alb – because he’s Alb.

5 thoughts on “You Make My Day

  1. Aww thanks sweetie 🙂 I’m still poxed, but to a lesser extent. And the cat is pushing the laptop off my knee… But you deserve MANY awards 😀

  2. Hi Aileen. Lovely to meet you on Saturday. I really enjoyed the class and am looking forward to tomorrow evening. I fully intended to use something from my stash for the project but the Mirasol Sulka cried out for attention – so much for the yarn diet. My tension is madly different to that stated for the yarn but it looks and feels ok, so I shall press on …

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