Results and Progress

My yarn and fibre from last Tuesday is dry so I finally have some pictures to show you! Overall, I got much better results from dyeing fibre than yarn, but it was still all good fun.

Wensleydale fleece… so curly!

Regular fleece… no curls, but much easier to dry

Mixed bag of honeycomb yellow and bluegum blue

Results of the natural dyeing demonstration – both examples were dyed with … something I cannot remember… but the darker example was treated with ammonia after the dyeing process

My only successful skein

It has been a hectic week between carpentry work going on at home, preparing for Saturday’s class as well as worrying about Tuesday’s classes, entertaining visitors on top of having to work for a living occasionally! But I have managed to squeeze in some knitting. I present to you a sock!

And the start of a pair of Dashings for a friend’s grandfather.

…And spurred on by the class I gave on set-in sleeves yesterday (it is much more exciting than it sounds, honest!), I cast on for my own set-in sleeve cardigan.

Believe it or not, it’s a right shoulder

Yesterday’s class was fun. Yvonne and Heidi were there, as was Elana, who was so sweet and brought along gluten and wheatfree shortbread for us to share (the joy of allergies). I also got to meet Dearbhla (Ravelry) for the first time in person – some of you may know her better as ‘dmaxi’ on Ravelry – and Hilary (sadly blogless) who will be to the Tuesday evening classes. A great mix of knitters and they yielded some really interesting questions. I love people who ask questions (mostly because I ask endless questions myself)! There was intense yakking, intense explaining and intense tea-drinking. Sounds like a good class, don’t you think?!

Hopefully things will settle down this week and I will have a lot more knitting progress to show. I am particularly taken with my grey cardigan… I know it’s 4-ply and I know it’s on 3mm needles, but it’s knitting up into such a soft, shiny fabric, I cannot put it down!

2 thoughts on “Results and Progress

  1. Wow, lots of pretty things, I love the colours in the Mirasol! And class was good yesterday 🙂 As soon as I finish of a project or two, I’ll start on a sweater!

  2. Hi Aileen!
    I love the Dashings sock! Tell me about that yarn. Who is the manufacturer? I really like how it stripes!

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