It’s always a good time for hats!

The big green thing is done! Words cannot express how glad I am about this… but knitting can.

A celebration worthy only of a beret

The yarn is Austermann Inka, 80% alpaca, 20% pure wool, and is squishy and soft. It is knitting up into a really nice, firm fabric on 3mm needles. This is my first attempt at a proper beret. I have knitted at least four ‘tams’. There is very little in the difference, only a tam has a brim like a regular hat. Tams don’t look very good on me. I tend to look like a mushroom. Berets are a higher species of hat altogether. I have never seen a person that didn’t look good in a beret (and that’s really saying something). I’m going to see how it turns out, and if it still looks like a beret at the end, I’ll put up the pattern for it. Everybody needs a good beret.

I have something to show you.

It’s Mirasol Sulka, 60% merino, 20% alpaca and 20% silk. I had been thinking about a new hat during the week and had something like this in mind… until I saw that stuff, that is. This is going to be the softest, most luscious colourwork hat you have ever seen. I can’t wait!

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