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I love teaching the sweater design classes at This is Knit. However, I often feel like I am racing to provide as much information as I possibly can and I think it can be a lot to take in all at once. So I’ve decided to run a course of evening classes in sweater knitting and sweater design in Blackrock on Tuesday evenings from February 12th to March 11th. There is a room upstairs from This is Knit that has become available for craft classes so I thought I’d jump in and give it a go!

I will be offering two types of classes:

* The first will help you through a sweater pattern and show you how to modify it to fit your own unique shape. If you have never knit a sweater before and would like some help taking the plunge then this is the class for you! Similarly, if you are fed up with your sweaters never quite fitting properly, there are lots of helpful tips to help.

* The second will walk you through designing your own sweater – bottom up, top down, raglan, set in sleeve, round yoke, you choose!

The idea for both classes is that you start a fresh project, work through it section by section each week, and hopefully have a perfect sweater by the end of it!

The not-so-small small print:

* The classes are intended to run as a course and will run from February 12th to March 11th (Tuesday evenings). I’m sorry, but this does mean no individual classes.

* Each course is €75, ie €15 per class.

* The first class will run from 6:30pm – 8pm and the second class will run from 8pm – 9:30pm.

* A deposit of €20 is required to secure your place on a course as places are limited! The balance is due on the first day. If there isn’t enough interest to make running the classes worth while, I will refund your deposit.

* You can book your place by either leaving a comment here on the blog, by emailing me directly, or by booking through This is Knit. Lisa and Jacqui have been very kind and offered to take bookings for me. If it is more convenient for you to call into the shop in Blackrock, you can book there and pay your deposit to them.

The classes are all about you getting the most from your sweater knitting and having a good time as well!

8 thoughts on “Evening Knitting Classes

  1. Book Me in please.

    i have a lot of this gorgeous Rowan Bigga that i want to make a sweater out of but need pattern advice ect
    i gan give the deposit to Lisa or Jakie tomorrow (sunday).

    Julia crimmins
    who bought up alot of your stash

  2. It may just be time for me to take the sweater plunge – have done enough hats, scarves and dishcloths now and there’s a limited amount of use for the tea-cosy I’m trying at the moment. What time would you plan to start on Tuesday evenings?

  3. Hey girl, I’ve been so bad at blogreading lately. Lots of new stuff here. I wish I could hop over to Ireland and take one of your classes. Have fun teaching them! 🙂 and if you have tips for a new knitting teacher, they’re very welcome. 😉

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