That’s what I have been doing and all I have to show, I’m afraid. Buttonholes. The fabric is all lumpy-bumpy at the moment because there’s actually a hem folded underneath what you see and it needs to be ironed out.

It has been a funny sort of week. We have been getting extra insulation put in. There are many different ways to add extra insulation to a house. I think having a large stash is helpful… but the builder seems to think that tacking big boards of insulation to the wall is better. He is probably right (and I’m quietening my inner voice that says, What does he know? He’s not a knitter!). So between him, the plasterer and my dad, who has been helping and doing handy things such as taking down drapes and getting groceries, the general atmosphere has been one of men-at-work.

I am not at work today but I have a to-do list as long as a sleeve. One person to ring. One bank to go to. One garment to finish. One room to clean up after plastering. Two beds to change. Three things to post, one of which isn’t finished, another I have yet to buy and the last being a Christmas New Year’s present. And a partridge in a pear tree.

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  1. I’ll be joining you with the buttonhole brigade very soon! Just taking a look at your profile on ravelry and thought I’d come over and see your blog.

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