I have been churning out the green thing, but I swear, if I had something else to do this probably would have been finished about a week ago.

That’s not to say that I have been entirely monogamous! To break the boredom, I cast on for some Twisted Flower socks. I’m using Araucania Semi Solid yarn and so far, so good.

I took a trip out to This is Knit yesterday and picked up some Rowan 4ply soft to make a plain worky-type cardigan.

It is very 4ply! I worked this swatch up on 3mms and as I was knitting it, I thought I may need to knit another on 2.5mms to compare. In the end, though, I was really pleased with how the swatch turned out. It’s a very shiny 100% merino, which I like, and it feels like it will give good drape and be warm at the same time. I’m planning a top down, set in sleeve, steeked cardigan. I have no desire to ever, ever intentionally purl again.

Have you ever bought willingly bought yarn, knowing that you’re a complete sucker? So I was over in the corner of the shop yesterday looking at some angora, when Jacqui pointed out these yummy angora socks she’d made. Lisa says, wouldn’t they be just so cozy for a winter’s night? Now, we all know I do a lot of slipper knitting…

So. Soft.

I’ve been a negligent pattern writer for the last few days. It is such hard work because I have to keep stopping myself from writing, just keep going like that until it’s long enough and throw in some waist shaping if you like. I’m going to do my best, though.

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