Cinnamon Twists

You know you’re better when you want to bake cinnamon twists! Cinnamon twists are just strips of a basic yeast dough dipped in butter, rolled in a mixture of sugar and cinnamon, twisted up and baked until crispy. This was my first time making a yeast dough and I have to say, leaving a bowl in the hot press and coming back an hour later to find that the dough has expanded into Michelin Man’s nephew really does fall into my category of entertainment!

Yesterday, I discovered the existence of Swedish Semla. It’s a type of cream bun traditionally eaten on Shrove Tuesday. Imagine a big puffy bun with the inside scooped out, mixed with almond paste and replaced, topped with cream and the lid of the bun. I need to make these buns. I cannot explain why, since I wouldn’t be able to face the result if I ate one. Maybe it’s the prospect of making something so utterly delicious and getting to watch others bury their faces in a thoroughly ovine fashion.

I have been knitting but it is very dull and would send you to sleep. The only update I’ve got is that the green thing is now longer, but not by much. Semla, anyone?

4 thoughts on “Cinnamon Twists

  1. Those cinnamon twists look yummy. We used to make the almond paste ones you described and served floating in warm cream and cinnamon. Ok, now i have a major sweet craving that only almond paste will satisfy, dang!

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