A knitter’s tonic

After all the training I’ve had as a musician, when somebody tells me that I need a tonic, it always sounds funny to me. I think to myself, why just a tonic? Why not a supertonic? Or, the most musically satisfying of them all, a dominant-tonic? So there I was, chuckling away to myself in the pharmacy in front of the supplements, when I realised that I couldn’t tell the difference between any of them. An assistant came over to help me. May I have the tablet form of this, please?

Lorna’s Laces, Lion & Lamb in Blackberry

Heidi rang me up about a month ago to say that she was looking at yarn on sale and if I put my order in with her’s, I wouldn’t have to pay shipping as she would bring it home from the States after Christmas. In a moment of weakness (well, not that weak), I agreed to some Lorna’s Laces which you see above… and to some Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn.

Lime, they say. Broken eyes, I say.

In fairness, Heidi did warn me. I recall her saying, It’s very lime. I even recall that I was standing in my kitchen actually looking at the lonesome lime in my fruit bowl and said, that’s ok, I like limes (it says a lot about my susceptible state when I was trying to cheer up a lime). Maybe I’ll use it to make some reflective cycling gear.

I ventured into town yesterday. I have been thinking about knitting something plain and warm for work, something that will go with my other clothes. I came across this somewhere and thought that the Woollen Mills (aka Trimmings) may have some Felted Tweed. They didn’t, but they did have some Scottish Tweed.

I swatched last night and although I am hopelessly off gauge, it knits up beautifully and I think I will just knit my own version of it instead.

Oh, and I cast on for Henley Perfected. And I’ve been knitting like mad on my green stuff. And I think I’ll start some socks today. (If a knitter’s tonic doesn’t do the trick for you, I’m using Sona’s Balance multivitamin – it’s gluten/wheat/yeast/egg/dairy and salt free!)

4 thoughts on “A knitter’s tonic

  1. i would so make a scarf in that lime green colour!! I love how ***BRIGHT*** it is 🙂

    I take seaweed kelp tablets everyday pure form – for the iodine in it, but did you know that kelp also helps your hair from not turning grey – been proven by Japanese people in Japan who eat it everyday.

    a little bit of useless info there *lol*

  2. Put the LL blackberry with the lime – seriously – at a 2:1 ratio the blackberry would tone down the lime. I really think it could work. You could call whatever you make “Cordial”! Ok, so now I’m just getting silly.

  3. well, I don’t know yet how to describe what people call the “irish green” (maybe in a few months ;-)…but I would agree with abe-hap : make a scarf !!! with the dark (grey/black/brown) winter coats that we usually wear, it would certainly bring colour to your look (except if your coat is orange of course 😉 Love your felted tweed !

  4. Hi, I did warn you about the green. I agree that it could make an interesting scarf, especially if you knit multiple strands together to town down the lime a bit. I think the color grows on you a bit, though…

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