Guess what I’ve got…!

It isn’t yarn. It isn’t a new FO. It isn’t even some old gingerbreadmen. Of all the fun things in the world, I got me a kidney infection instead. For those luckily not in the know, a kidney infection is just like having ‘flu (chills, fever and vomiting) with the added bonus of what I imagine crucifixion to be like when doing anything that involves your kidneys. You get the idea. The upsides? Anti-biotics work almost straight away and I don’t have to wear people clothes for the next day or two. I even found the energy to swatch…

You know what this means

…and to work on something else, too. It’s actually not very interesting to look at, so here is a buttonhole (everyone assumes that mysterious projects look much more interesting, but looking back over the last year of my blog, there’s only so much stockinette I can put you people through). The funny thing about this buttonhole is that I had a dream last night that Elizabeth Zimmermann lied to me about how many stitches to use for her one-row-buttonhole and I was really mad at her. How can you be mad at EZ?!

The downsides? Lots of bed rest and no people clothes. Having to knit in your pyjamas is a tough job… but someone’s gotta do it!

9 thoughts on “Guess what I’ve got…!

  1. that is terrible news – my mum always says get your fluids into you – keep your kidneys flushing! *LoL* now i say it to my son 😉 hope your better soon – does it feel funny to be lounging around all day in your jammys?

  2. poor girl, hope you’re feeling better right now. I once had -presumably- kidney stones. That was before my baby boy was born, I thought childbirth wouldn’t get much worse thant those pains I had. Well… It did… But still, kindneypains really really s@#k!

  3. You have a lot of knitting dreams, don’t you? I actually had one last night as well. Forgot to tell you last time I saw you that I think cranberry juice is supposed to help the urinary system and help keep infections away…

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