Eve of the Eve of Christmas Eve Eve

Impatient? Moi?

Since this season, I am one of those annoying people who did their all Christmas shopping two weeks ago and who is even on the home stretch of Christmas knitting (both sleeves complete! (there are not enough ! marks to express my relief/joy)) … I got to go into Galway to potter about and enjoy the atmosphere. Honestly, I didn’t think it would be possible but I had a very enjoyable afternoon taking photos with possibly the greatest camera ever made (my dad’s Bronica – heavy, totally manual, big film that has only 15 shots, a handheld metre crucial – heaven). I had a hot chocolate and bought some fabulous Irish cheeses.

I took some of my favourite shop fronts – Couch Potatoes, the mural on Sally Long’s, the bakery on Shop St, Tigh CholĂ­ – as well as some ‘boring’ shots of derelict buildings and their surrounding areas that are either about to be turned into apartments or are already on their way. Sometimes I stop myself from taking photos of our ever-changing landscapes because I think they are boring, but then remind myself of Fr Brown’s fascinating photos of Dublin. I particularly love his photo of O’Connell street taken at a time when the Gresham hotel wasn’t even built: there was just a big gap in the middle of the street.

I won’t print them up until I get back to Dublin but stay tuned for knitting progress tomorrow! Another hot chocolate anyone?

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