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Horray for Lidl! I finally got some batteries to get my camera going. So this is what I have been working on… a finished project to start with! It’s the tam, version 2.0, in rowan baby soft, to match the loopy cowl I knitted a while back. Check out the hat, it is the perfect beret!


And this is with the loopy cowl. I think it’ll be really nice for Spring, if it ever gets here.

Je voudrais acheter du pain et de la confiture s’il vous plait lol

I have been plugging away at my Lucky. Here is the second sleeve. It’s at about the halfway mark. I have another bit to go before I can start the raglan shaping.

In the last few days, my brain just sort of exploded with the urge to makemakemake. I stocked up on some feltable wool over the summer (which is very hard to come by here) and yesterday I decided to make some felted brooches. I’ve got a real thing for brooches. These are three leaves knitted separately and then sewn together.

They looked sort of lonesome so I knitted three small ones to lay over them today. They’re drying separately.

It all looks very wishywashy, lying there on the radiator, but I intend to wear the finished item on a very green coat, or on my dark purple velvet jacket. I like to wear bright coloured scarves so hopefully this won’t clash with anything 🙂

And last but not least, I decided to start some mittens. I know I edited my Olympics post and said that I’ll throw in some fair isle technique as a challenge too, but I just know I won’t be able to do both. Also I need the gloves now, it’s really nippy out now. So, lol, this is what I came up with tonight.

I started out with a tried-and-tested pattern I’d used before out of Hip Knits. But then I started looking at my armwarmers and figured, if I kept the number of stitches I cast on constant, and didn’t increase for the hand part, it’d look as good as the armwarmers. Why did I do this? I should know, of all people, that my hand gets really wide at the bridge (knuckles)… but I knit all the way up and did my little bit of fair isle and decreased and all that… and I’ve ended up with what I can only describe as a torture device.

It’s too funny to be mad about it, plus it only took about an hour of knitting. The wool is Tivoli Superwash, a really good aran weight, that knits up very nicely on 5mms.

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