Got my toes, got my hats, got my wool, got my liver

I always find it funny how Nina Simone throws her liver into that song (I think it’s being used as on a Ballygowan or Flora advert right now). Anyway, I do have toes.

Ain’t got no feet though… yet

After all the drama this sock has been through, finishing up the toes was a total anti-climax. Now I get to start the other one. Be still, my wildly beating heart…

I think I mentioned starting a brioche rib hat for my brother in law but didn’t have anything to show at the time. Well, here’s my progress so far.

I started off with 76 stitches but it was turning out gigantic so I ripped it up before I went too far, and re-cast on 50 stitches instead. It seems to have done the trick. I have no idea why I was so apprehensive about trying the brioche. It’s super easy and works up into the fluffiest, spongiest ribbing I have ever seen. I suppose what makes it scary looking are those diagrams you see for it. I think books should omit the diagram and just put in the written instructions: it makes far more sense when you work it for yourself (like a lot of things).

My picot-edged sweater is now dry. You can still see the change in dyelot. The angora has felted and taken the picot edging with it. Words cannot express my frustration. I’m going to get someone to take photos of me in it, I’m going to write up the pattern and hopefully someone else will produce one that matches the idea in my head a bit better. I’m just a bit disappointed because time-wise, I had one shot at this sweater and I made a mess of it.

3 thoughts on “Got my toes, got my hats, got my wool, got my liver

  1. Aw, don’t fret about the picot-edged sweater. I do sympathise, but it was lovely. Let’s remember it as it would like to be remembered, as it was in it’s heyday, a thing of beauty.

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