Beyond the Beyonds

Ok. One broken needle justly deserved some screams. But another?

This is beyond the beyonds

I can’t work in such conditions! This one just snapped in my hand last night. I think I should bin the remaining three and spare myself the torture (coincidentally, my examining work brings me eerily close to an unbrittle needle supplier tomorrow, hence the relative lack of freak-out).

As a result, the red cardigan has been getting far more attention than it deserves.

My version of Miracle-Gro has to be standing in the queue at the bank on a Friday afternoon. Seriously. 40 minutes of knitting right there. I enjoy watching peoples’ expressions when I dig out the knitting in such a situation. Some people make it obvious that they think I’m crazy. But a lot of other people make that, ah nuts… why didn’t I bring my book/knitting/crossword/paper face.

Today, there’s going to be another repeat added to the wrap, a bit more added to the red cardigan and I’m going to make a start on a brioche hat. You can’t beat a quick hat to take the sting out of a broken needle.

2 thoughts on “Beyond the Beyonds

  1. its a wonder the line didnt start to move quicker when you got your knitting out – i can guarentee when i have something with me to keep me occupied i dont end up with enough time to do it – but lo and behold if i should forget it then im stuck with bloddy hours of mindless torture of waiting! 🙁

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