Obsessively Yours

Dear Barbara Walker,

I wish to inform you of the dangers contained between the covers of Knitting from the Top. You are obviously unaware as you have allowed the book to come back into print. But there was a demand! you cry. Knitters need this book!

I agree… to a point. I agree that all knitters need to know how to knit from the top down, how to achieve that perfect fit, how to knit wonderful shapes such as raglans, set in sleeves, saddle shoulders, berets and knickers! But I think the book at the very minimum should carry a warning label alerting knitters to the dangers of such knowledge (something like bells and flashing lights would be preferable).

These dangers include the relentless pondering of aforementioned wonderful shapes, stick-man drawings on the back of bus tickets, doodles in students’ notebooks when one should be listening to scales…. and knitting all day yesterday until 1am to see if something would work out…

(it did)

Obsessively yours,

Knitting Neels

2 thoughts on “Obsessively Yours

  1. Cool, great review of a book I co-incidentally decided to snag on amazon today – can’t wait now…

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