A casualty and a new beginning

I’m not really anal about my knitting paraphernalia but when it comes to sock needles, I am. I object to people using them as toothpicks, nail cleaners, back scratchers, head scratchers, and as a scratcher for any other itch needing precise attention. But for my needles to come under fire from myself throwing a big purse into an already-crammed-full bag… the crunch was too much to bear.

I screamed. Outside Centra. In Drumcondra. Got Looks. Don’t CARE!!!

These were my souvenier Lantern Moon needles from New Jersey. I guess I should have been more careful. At least I have a spare one to finish the socs because I was only using four of the set of five.

Needless to say, I couldn’t really touch the socks for a while. I cast on for my mother’s new and improved cardigan instead!

What’s this? I hear you ponder. Knitting flat? Yes… but only for a while. It’s a top down set in sleeve. This is the back as far as the armhole. I’m going to unpick the provisional cast on you see at the top there (navy) and knit the front down the other side. Then I’ll join them in the round at the underarm. This will be a cardigan but as time really is of the vanilla essence, I can’t afford to knit it flat. It will have to be steeked. But isn’t that tweed gorgeous?

Dear Mum, Fancy a voucher for Christmas instead? 😀

2 thoughts on “A casualty and a new beginning

  1. Serendipity! I have been looking for a set of dp Lantern Moon needles – have a pair of large sp and just love them. Thing is – I bought a smaller pair a few months back and found they got sticky as I knit with them – some problem with the varnish or finish so store took them back and is waiting on rep to show up and assess the problem. So I am wondering if anyone else has had this problem? The large ones have given me no angst, just lovely smooth knitting.
    Secondly – I make knitting needles and use a pencil sharpener to point the ends – perhaps this would work on your injured one. I sand them smooth and rub with waxed paper for the final finish. Good luck.

  2. Oooh, i would have screamed, too. And I do like that tweed – the tweedy bits are so subtle, i thought they were beads at first. Cute!

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