Busy Days

I thought I was going to have to play at a gig on Sunday afternoon, but as it turned out I didn’t, so I went to visit you know who instead (he is very well thanks). The great thing about visiting anywhere by public transport is all that extra knitting time.

This is still the first sock. It took me a while to memorise the pattern but I’m at the heel flap now so hopefully things will start moving quicker. I’m very intrigued by the pattern; it’s funny how such a simple textural feature can really change a meagre sock.

The wrap is moving along really well. I cracked open the second ball this morning on the way back, and I’m starting my fourth repeat of about six – I’ll try and stretch it to seven if I have enough yarn. Each repeat has 36 pattern rows (so really, each one is 72 rows) and takes me about an hour and a quarter to complete. Lace really makes you work for it sometimes!

There has been some stashing but it won’t be resting for very long. My sister requested a hat for my brother in law. This suits me well because I’d been planning on making him a hat anyway!

Brioche rib, methinks

And I had to find a replacement yarn for my mum’s Christmas cardigan.

She loves it!

2 thoughts on “Busy Days

  1. Agreed! It is beautiful and looks fog or smoke like.. whispy.
    And that red yarn for your mother’s cardigan looks lovely! what type of yarn is it, if you don’t mind me asking, I’m on the look out for yarn for a cardigan for my boyfriends mother at the moment. Cheers,

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