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The more I realise that I do not want to be a piano teacher, the more I appreciate the work that piano teachers do. I often do examining work for the Academy and get to meet piano teachers from around the county on a regular basis. As in any profession, you get the usual mix of people: some are a bit fruity, most are quite normal and a few are extraordinary. What makes the extraordinary teachers very extraordinary is that you don’t even know it when you meet them – you know it when you meet their students. Students who, regardless of their age or ability, love playing the piano and love showing you the new things they have learned. It takes extraordinary teaching to instil such a passion and to be generous and encouraging enough to let it grow and enrich the student. Most of us have had a teacher like that in our lives. For me, I have been lucky enough to have had a few. My mother instilled a love for reading in me and not a day goes by that I am not grateful for it. I had a pretty quirky English teacher in Transition Year who pushed me to explore literature beyond what I could find at home. And my piano teachers at the Academy have all had a profound influence on my development as a musician and human being in general.

So, to me, it’s pretty obvious that I should knit them some presents for Christmas and share a part of something that I am mad about with them.

Lozenge Socks

This is a pattern from Barbara Bush’s Vintage Socks. Knit on 2mm needles, I’m getting quite a dense fabric but I think it will be perfect. I even knitted a gauge swatch for these guys. I never swatch for socks! I’m using my new Lantern Moon needles that I picked up in New Jersey on my last visit. I half-picked this pattern to use the needles!

Wave Lace Wrap

I made a great start on this but after about two repeats, I decided I didn’t like the pattern, ripped it out and dug this one out instead. This is the progress I made yesterday evening at the Glasnevin knitting meet-up (knit-up?). Pretty good going considering there was a pint of cider involved and much giggling. The yarn is Kidsilk Night from Rowan and has a beautiful glitter throughout. I’m knitting this on 6mm needles so hopefully this will go quickly.

Intrigued about the Glasnevin group? Well, at the moment there are just three of us: Heidi, Laura and myself. We meet in Botanic House at Hart’s Corner every Monday evening at 6pm until about 830pm. This is a great pub for knitting because it is warm, it is really bright, they have comfortable couches, they serve good food, play good music and haven’t said anything about the knitting. Want to come along? Hart’s Corner is served by the 19, 19A, 13, 4, 4A and 83 from town and Ballymun, and by the 40, 40A/B/C/D from town and Finglas. If the train is your thing, it’s about a 10 minute walk from Drumcondra station. Everyone is welcome!

2 thoughts on “Knitting for Teachers

  1. Three cheers for you to be remembering/honoring teachers! There are certainly days when teaching seems like a slog, but then suddenly I’ll see a student, have an exchange, get a note, and it makes me realize that someone did notice how much I cared and how hard I worked. Now if my students EVER gave me handknits. . . .!!!!! I would weep, probably. So here’s some teacherly appreciation for your thoughtfulness.

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