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There hasn’t been a lot of time for knitting over the last few days but I’m still managing to crank out some sock.

colinette jitterbug jewel

The yarn is Colinette Jitterbug and I have to confess that I was totally captivated by the colours. There is a good deal more maroon in the sock than there appeared in the ball. I didn’t like it at first but now I think it sets off the yellows and oranges well.

I was examining yesterday morning (one of my more non-descript jobs but in a pleasant way: I’m nice to the kids regardless of aptitude, the kids play well because they think, oh, she’s friendly, and mums, teachers and employers are all happy) and called out to This is Knit after my lunch. I had three maybes in my head.

The first maybe was a present for a woman with brown hair who helped me out two years ago and whom I feel I never thanked appropriately. I was thinking of knitting her a Moebius from some Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Worsted but couldn’t find a colour that matched my memory (yes, I know, dodgy ground), so I got some Craftspun instead.

The second maybe was a light garment knitted out of Debbie Bliss Cotton DK. This is the sort of situation where I really need someone else to bounce an idea off because I came away with something completely different and a much better idea.

The third maybe was a funny one. I ran out of wool for this. Lisa gave it to me in March 2006 to knit (long story… it involves getting a degree). What are the odds she’d still have some of the same dye lot…. nil, right? Wrong! It was a dodgy dye lot and she left it at home! Behold the awesome power of the stash to rescue another knitter’s tardy project!

Later today I’m helping out at a knitting group for a hen party. Everybody I have mentioned this to remarks on what an odd request it is but doesn’t it sound like a lot more fun than going to a club at 1am?!

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  1. That Craftspun yarn is wonderful – LOVE the colours! What are you going to make with the Baby Cashmerino?

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