Boston Blue Sox

I think it’s ironic that I should finish the socks that I bought yarn for and started in Boston right around the time the Boston Red Sox win the World Series in baseball.

Another home run

The yarn is from Cherry Tree Hill and was purchased at Newbury Yarns, located on (surprise, surprise) Newbury street. The socks started out life as a pair of Pomatomuses but I didn’t like how the thick the fabric was turning out, so I ripped them up and knit a plain pair instead. They are super comfortable and as always, I have lots of yarn left over.

I have finished my dad’s jumper!

This isn’t headline news because he isn’t here at the moment. Only when he puts it on and it fits can I truly rest. Above is the collar I was talking about – I picked up the stitches all around and worked the collar flat. I then sewed each side down against the seam. I think it worked pretty well. Although more bulky than working a mitred V-neck, I like the relaxed feel it gives the jumper and it’s definitely more flexible for the pulling-on-pulling-off.

I rescued the hole as well as I could. I think it turned out pretty well, don’t you?

You can see the slight outline of the wedge where I picked up the stitches and grafted them off. If you peer closely you ought to be able to see a few bumps where I worked the short rows. My estimation of spacing the short rows about an inch apart seems to have worked well. It lies totally flat and still gives an extra inch and a half to the back. My grafting wasn’t very good, though, because I pulled some of the stitches too tightly. I can’t remember when, but something similar happened to me on another project and I figured out a way to remedy it. I took a darning needle and found a place to start on the same row where the stitches were much looser. Using the needle and working towards the tight stitches, I pulled the loose stitches a little tighter. This brings some of the excess yarn into the tight stitches and evens up the row. It won’t be perfect but it will be as near as makes no difference.

Finishing up two projects on the same day rarely happens to me and I was at a bit of a loose end. I have been making great tracks with my angora picot-edged sweater and have almost finished the second sleeve. Alas, I have run out of yarn. I’ll have to go get more. Darn!

Alb is visiting this weekend and looking at his head last night, I figured I should make a start on his hat while I have the opportunity to fit it on him.

The yarn is Rowan’s Summer Tweed, a silk cotton mix, and the pattern is a fool-proof top-down hat. The shape (plain), colour (plain) and feel (plain) all have Alb-approval, despite some suspicion of the tweed and the fact that it looks and feels like All Bran. Men!

3 thoughts on “Boston Blue Sox

  1. Ooo, I like the depth of ribbing on that v-neck – a nice touch. The other knits are coming out well too! Still loving the contrast in colour and fibre on that black and red sweater.

  2. HAHA, Allbran. Well, it IS fiber.

    Holy—two projects done on one day? You’re going to make the rest of us look like we’re sitting around picking our noses.

    The neck looks perfect. I hope it all fits.

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