A lie, some buttons and the Plague

I was making brownies for a certain someone on Wednesday night when I got a grief-stricken text from Lisa: Jacqui had the Plague (I suppose some old doctor would call it the ‘flu but I’m a Knitter, and it really looked like the Plague to me). Could I help on Thursday? I quickly sent a befloured text back saying, of course I could.

I’m not sure I was much help but I did what I could. I even came prepared for the late evening, as Thursday had been advertised as late opening …hadn’t it? At 4pm, they started announcing that the show was going to close at 5:30. Whilst some vendors had heard about it the evening before, many vendors there weren’t even told. And let’s not forget just about every consumer there, many of whom had come late to the show because of the late opening! People who complained didn’t get their money back – a hefty €15 – they got a ‘complimentary’ ticket to come back another day. What about the people who had travelled up from the country especially and couldn’t come back another day? Their website and all other advertising specifically said that there was late opening on Thursday. Some people even rang the show on Thursday morning and were told it didn’t close until 8pm. They lie!

I had the opportunity to scoot off for half an hour when things quietened down at the stand. The exhibitions were amazing. I was really taken with the display of Miao embroidery (is it just me or do you pronounce it ‘meeeow’?). Such an array of intricate craftsmanship! The Hunt museum also put on a display of Sybil Connolly‘s work and life story which I found very interesting. Some of her sketches were on show, too. They really opened my eyes to how unacceptably dire my sketches are and prompted me to go over and talk the ear off the lady from the Grafton Academy. She actually had loads of good advice for me and I will more than likely pursue one or two topics of interest there. I have always wondered if a dress design course would aid my knitting design. The answer: yeah, probably.

I got my swift! Craftspun had two and Lisa and I bagged them both. A swift is a contraption used for holding your yarn while you wind it up into a ball. It prevents knots, tangles and tantrums. It looks a lot like an umbrella Willy Wonka might invent. I also got some roving from them but I can’t remember what kind of sheep it is.

Brown sheep

I think I’ll have enough there for the next ten years. I bought a daylight light bulb but managed to leave it on the counter after me… and I bought some buttons.

These are from Injabulo. They make ceramic fair trade buttons and are wonderful. A little on the pricey side but they are very special and totally machine washable. The buttons you see there are for a surprise that I can’t wait to get my needles into!

Remember the Knitters’ Treat Exchange? Well, my treater’s package never turned up. I met Sarah at the show yesterday and she very, very kindly gave me these guys instead!

Middle Earth yarn from Etsy

Hand dyed sock yarn! Isn’t it fantastic? Thanks Sarah!

I have only to do some grafting and sewing in of ends on my dad’s jumper. I’ll be glad to get it finished and out of the way because I have lots of other things to get stuck into: the zip-up cardigan for mum (thanks to Diane who inadvertedly wore a sweater yesterday that solved my problem), the thing with the buttons, multiple socks for Christmas… and a fluffy ggh mohair jumper that I found buttons for today…

How can I resist a smile like that?

3 thoughts on “A lie, some buttons and the Plague

  1. Yep, heard about the surprise at the K&S Show last night. Arg. Someone rang me with the news and interestingly it did say the show closed at 5.30 on their brochure…very tiny letter mind you!
    Anyway, I think you’ll love the roving. It’s Black Welsh sheep and spins wonderfully but have to say that it takes quite of bit of work if you want to felt it.

  2. I’d be mighty ticked if I paid €15 and couldn’t stay as late as I expected. Grr!

    So I see the roving there! Are you still spinning? There are lots of groups on Ravelry about spinning.

  3. Phew! Sounds like you’ve been busy. I got to the K&S Show on Sunday afternoon for a few hours and had a heavenly time amongst the yarn. Happy days.

    Got a question for ya re the short rows on yer Dad’s jumper. How many short rows did you do? Would 2 or 3 be enough or does it depend on the size of the Dad. (Mine’s a fairly large one.)


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