Take a scissors to it

What could possibly go wrong?

To my surprise, not a great deal! The yarn isn’t very slippery so the stitches stayed put until I picked one set of them up with a needle to knit on and slipped the other set of them on to a life line. Unfortunately, when I embarked on the short rows, I was talking to my Dad at the time and wasn’t paying attention. For some unknown reason I placed my wraps and turns only a stitch apart. When I finally made it as far as grafting the two bits together, I realised that I had created what can only be described as a giant TOE coming out of the back. Quickly, I ungrafted and replaced all stitches the way they were. On further contemplation, three wrapped stitches each side about an inch apart will probably give the desired effect (finished jumper, relieved knitter, warmer father).

Second time lucky…

I got thoroughly carried away with my sleeve the other day. It happens so rarely I thought I should run with it!

This is definitely the snuggliest item I have ever knit and I can’t wait to get it finished.

I’m off to the Knitting and Stitching Show tomorrow. I’m going bright and early and getting out of there before lunchtime (I know it’s a luxury to be able to take off to such things when everyone else is doing their 9-5 thing but I pay for it in a million other ways). If you see me there, say hello. I’ll be wearing a luminous green mohair cardigan (you’ve been warned… bring sunglasses).

Shopping list? Definitely a swift. The last time I tried to wind a skein, it resulted in a two-day trauma of knots and a very cranky knitter. I also want to see the exhibitions put on by the various design colleges as they’re usually really good. I’ll probably end up haranguing some poor representative from at least one of these colleges for not having a proper knitwear design course to offer in Ireland. Vendetta? Moi?

4 thoughts on “Take a scissors to it

  1. I’ve been considering doing something similar with a sweater that needs some length… it’s good to see it is possible!

  2. I’m planning on going to the show this weekend.Have you been before ,I’m wondering what to expect?Will I be able to buy rowan yarn there?I’m dying to buy some nice wool and hoping there’ll be a few companies there will i be disappointed?Eithne

  3. I’m not sure I understand why you took the scissors to it. Did you forget to wrap the stitches the first time around? Or were you really experimenting with thumb placement?

  4. While waiting on a ‘real’ swift you might try this – it worked for me – one of those collapsible sock hangers (meant to hold socks while drying) – hang it from something, open it, put the skein on the unfolded ‘arms’ and use clothespegs around the inner circumference of the skein to keep it taut; pull yarn and the whole thing will spin letting you unwind the wool into a ball.

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