I can’t feel guilty about not practising because the piano tuner is here:) Can you believe, he last tuned it July 2004, it was moved during the summer… and yet it is still at pitch! I love my piano.

I have great news. Yarn in Galway is expanding their website. I check on it regularly, and it’s slowly getting there. This morning when I checked on it, there were nearly all of the brands she carries, including Rowan, Debbie Bliss and Noro. Prices are in Euro and you can pay by Paypal. So go forth and buy yarn! She has many of the Rowan books and magazines also.

Bored waiting for the Knitty surprises and the new Magknits to go up? Here are some free pattern sites I’ve come across:

The Anticraft is a (seemingly) quarterly magazine with a gothic edge.

Midnight Knitter’s blog is perfect if you’re like me and love to just look. It’s got both knitting and crochet patterns.

And of course Grumperina is no stranger to many knitters but I recommend another visit, if only just to check out the new purple hat she’s knitted. Lubberly.

I promise I will get batteries for my camera soon and post pictures of the new tam that I made at the weekend and (finally!) my first completed sleeve for Lucky.

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