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It’s been an eventful week and I am glad it is over. Yesterday evening I treated myself to some time under the blanket making something I have been dreaming of for well over a year.

A simple top with hidden angora hems that peek over the picot

The stuff? Louisa Harding’s Pure Angora and Debbie Bliss’s Cashmerino DK. I started off with a provisional cast on and an inch and a half below my intended neckline. Knitting with the angora, I decreased at the raglan points until I reached the number of stitches for my neckline. Worked the picot edging, joined in the navy cashmerino and started my top down raglan properly. When the cashmerino bit matched the angora hem in length, I joined them together and continued knitting.

No sewing!

I can’t wait to get to the other hems! I got stuck into some other swatching I’ve been meaning to do for the last week as well.

This is an idea of what I’m planning for the cardigan with the apples ribbon. I’m dying to get this underway, too. I have two other projects in mind as well. One is a black Christmas top edged with black lace and the other is a snuggly aran zip-up jacket for my mum (with a furry zip-up collar!). If I can get all four of these knitted by Christmas I’ll be really happy. I want to write patterns for them all.

What else? Oh yes! Hung out for a while at This is Knit yesterday afternoon. I donated some socks for their display at the Knitting & Stitching Show next week and showed off my new hat (wearing it still, by the way. It goes well with my dressing gown). I picked up some extra Rialto Aran for the red cardigan above, some sock yarn… and Summer Tweed to make Alb something for Christmas.

Left – Summer Tweed, Right – Arucania Sock Yarn

In other news, I have been having very strange dreams lately. Can the equinox influence dreams? On the first night, I met Stephanie Pearl-McPhee. We got on like a house on fire and I woke up in great form. The next night, I threw a party and Fiona Ellis was there. This surprised me greatly – even in the dream – because I didn’t know what Fiona Ellis looked like. I gave her a big hug and walked through a fire place into another room. Last night, I dreamt invisible aliens were taking over the world, eliminating human beings one by one all the while observing our behaviour and rituals. At one point, I poured blue paint all over Alb.

I really preferred the famous knitters dreams.

4 thoughts on “New stuff

  1. LMAO! Actually, funnily enough I’ve been having strange dreams too, but I was putting mine down to stress. The only one I can remember is one about me going to an interview, with many many strange things happening (with people I know or the scenery being wrong), ending up with me actually going for the interview only to remember that I didn’t apply for the job at all anyway.

    The black and pink are really pretty – will you do the same kind of thing round the collar? And I have some of that exact colour of Summer Tweed. It’s nice but a bit of a pain to knit with (as usual with the cotton in it). Makes a good fabric, quite firm yet drapey. What do you have planned?

    This was a very long comment. Sorry 🙂

  2. My sister has been dreaming about a herd of wild hamsters living under the table eating bits of wood… I am contemplating maybe getting around to finishing the cardigan I started in February and lost interest in when I got to the sleeves. I hate sleeves….

  3. SECRET ANGORA. How neat! My dreams have been a little weird lately, too. “A little weird” for me is about 5 notches below my normal dream weirdness, according to my husband. Last night I went to an amusement park that had an Eiffel Tower (not weird*) and a party was being held in a large suite at the top of the tower. I got lost in the elevator, then found a guy I went to school with by the window.

    * I grew up in Cincinnati, where there’s an amusement park called Kings Island, and it has a replica of the Eiffel Tower (1/3 size). Reading that page, it seems most of my favorite rides are defunct. Piffle.

  4. I love your hemmed sweater idea! I might have to copy you at some point… It’s such a good way to use a small bit of really nice yarn in a place where you can feel it all the time.

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