It’s Monday, I can’t think of a good title

I am very, very nearly finished the body of the jumper. It is impossible to get a good photo, I’m afraid. It’s like trying to photograph a black hole.

sweater top down debbie bliss rialto
Behold my neat, squidgy ribbing!

I’m going to use a sewn bind-off for the ribbing. I highly recommend it for any ribbed bind-off because it is amazingly stretchy and doesn’t interfere with the ribbing. I first found out about it through Elizabeth Zimmermann, but you can read all about it here.

It is rare that I return from Galway without spoils and this weekend was no exception.

tivoli superwash 100% wool

Anthony Ryan’s were selling off piles of discontinued Tivoli stuff. Most of it was pretty horrendous but I scored six balls of 100% wool superwash at €2.95 a ball. They have upgraded their superwash to a much softer version – still 100% wool – with some nicer colours. This is destined to be a zip-up jacket for my mum for Christmas. I’m thinking of some cable details, such as a cabled placket to cover the zip and cables on the button bands at the cuffs. Oh, and a soft furry inside to the collar. Should be nice.

4 thoughts on “It’s Monday, I can’t think of a good title

  1. Your progress on the navy raglan is stunning! Well done 🙂

    Hope the yarn has arrived ok. It should definitely be with you today…

  2. Is the soft tivoli the celtic aran?? i made some wristwarmers for my aunt in Boston using it and loved the way it knit up. Totally forgot to photo them tho duh!!

  3. I was in Anthony Ryan’s too! I got some Stylecraft Loop the Loop, but was tempted by the Tivoli. But I just couldn’t justify getting more stash wool. (Eh, apart from the former purchase!)

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