The knit goes on

Thanks to everyone who shared their views about my Guild idea. I’d love to hear more thoughts on the subject because there are pros and cons to everything. I am waiting for more information to come through from the Crafts Council so until then, I am mulling things over.

I find that knitting and mulling really go well together! I have made great strides on my dad’s jumper and just started the ribbing for the body this morning.

top down sweater rialto

Time is really of the essence with this thing as his birthday is next Saturday. The good thing is, though, that I have all the measurements I need and should get the ribbing finished tomorrow. Then it’s just the sleeves and the collar ribbing. I’m on to my last ball of wool though! Rang Lisa in a panic on Friday and arranged for more to be airlifted to my needles. Phew! I’ll be glad to get this sweater done because I have three other things I am dying to get started on. I’m finding that the more I knit from my own specs, the less drawn I am to other peoples’ patterns (with the exception of every pattern from Knitting Nature… I am really holding out on that book because if I buy it I won’t design anything for about another two years).

As enthralling as knitting endlessly in the round is, Argosy is providing a colourful contrast. Love this yarn – Noro Silk Garden Lite.

argosy scarf noro

It’s getting pretty long. This, too, needs to be finished by next weekend. I realised after about ten repeats of the pattern that I hadn’t decided on what to give my sister for her birthday, which falls very close to my dad’s. I figured with Argosy I kill two birds with one stone (is that not the most violent saying ever?). I love the Noro but don’t think I’d actually wear the scarf. I am very attached to my Clapotis. So soft. Matches everything. Has had three drinks spilled on it and countless bits of fluff and grass picked out of it and still smells good.

I’m finding my new schedule a little irritating. Because I’m preparing to audition for the doctorate, I still have the workload of a full-time student. But I’m not a full-time student. I need to work, too (this is as much for my own sanity as for money… not having a regular job isn’t good for the wool. The little balls all cry when I can’t take them home). So my practice is feeling a little compromised these days because when I get time off – for example, I teach all day Thursday and then have Friday off – I’m pretty wrecked. Some days I struggle with abandoning everything for either A. showing up on Norah Gaughan’s doorstep with fresh scones and throw myself at her feet, begging her to teach me everything she knows (typical day dream on bus), or B. joining the civil service (very bad day). Most days though I try not to think about it and keep knitting.

Oh! The holiday issue of Vogue Knitting showed up yesterday. I can never understand why they put so much effort into producing patterns for such bizarre garments! Does anyone actually knit those things?!

3 thoughts on “The knit goes on

  1. Oooooo Dr Aileen 😀 That would be very cool indeed – what would you write about for your thesis? Don’t go back to the evil civil service though… :S Remember the yarn. The yarn!

    Besides the scarf and sweater both look lovely, so you can’t betray them by turning away from that yarny goodness.

  2. Aileen,

    I’m a knitting civil servant! 🙁 I’m not so bad! There are a few of us that are normal enough…. 🙂


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