FO – Jamboree Hat

While I was mulling about what sweater to make next, I felt the pull of the hat. I didn’t know which hat, but it was definitely a hat. So I got some Kid Classic and some Colinette, and this is what I ended up with.

Colinette Point 5 hat
Lo! And it was funky!

Since I’m going away camping this weekend and the next (Electric Picnic!), a hat like this is a necessity. I called it Jamboree because that was the name of the Colinette colourway, and it’s probably the best way to describe EP, too. The weather has started to pick up here so this morning I figured I should get stuck into Rusted Root, a heavy cotton t-shirt. I got out my cotton, some run-of-the-mill Tivoli blue stuff, and my needles, and went to swatch for it. Ooh, better check the pattern first. Hmmm… where’s the pattern? Maybe it’s on my computer… in Dublin. Sigh. Ok, what else can I start? I have the yummy ggh mohair that I got a while ago. I sat and thought for a while. Cardigans are a very attractive design to me because of Irish weather. Jumpers just aren’t as versatile. But I’m a bit tired of doing the whole top-down raglan thing. How about a set in sleeve? Seamless and from the top?

My da Vinci hand is on holidays today

If you look really, really closely you will see the seamless set in sleeve (note: some imagination may be required). I’m going to follow Barbara Walker’s instructions but I’m going to knit in the button band as I go along. I have had enough of picking up stitches. It’s just wrong. Evil and wrong.

5 thoughts on “FO – Jamboree Hat

  1. Puff sleeved cardi is super cute. Drawing of new cardi idea is, hmmm, special 🙂 No worse than some designers who are very rich though.

  2. Ooh! I can see it! It’s really, truly seamless!

    That Electric Picnic looks like loads of fun. Hope you have a good time!

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