Time flies like pigs

This is a new philosophy of mine. When you’re waiting for something to come along so you can be done with it – in my case, a concert – time flies about as well as pigs. Then when you stop watching it, it’s suddenly right on top of you. I’m not sure if my pig analogy stretches to that but you get the idea.

I just about lose my wig waiting for concerts. I love the preparation and the rehearsals and all the work that goes into getting better. I love dressing up and the idea that my playing gives people a brief respite from the tedium of everyday life. And I love the relief that a job well done brings. But the waiting… I am ready to throw myself off a cliff!

Anyway. I have knitting to show but I’m too silly to show it right now. I finished the body of the Puff Sleeved Cardigan and I am amazed to report that my tactic of knitting a bigger size on a smaller needle worked out. I did a few naughty things to make the peplum lie flat but it worked really well. I also finished one sleeve and bought the cutest little tortoise-shell buttons to finish it off. All that needs to be done is the other sleeve and the button bands.

Alb did his back in by putting orange juice back in the fridge. The prices we pay for cold juice, eh? So he won’t be along to the concert tonight. Don’t worry – we’re supposed to be camping with friends in Achill (island off the north west of Mayo) next weekend and I would prefer Alb were fit to come camping than to overdo it to make it to the concert.

Oh my God, I’ll never make it out alive.

2 thoughts on “Time flies like pigs

  1. You’ll do fine pet! You always do. Breathe lots! All will be well 😀 And I thought of you today because I bought some Donegal Tweed to make a cabled cardi for my friend’s birthday 🙂 If you ever make it to Yorkshire, come to Cullingworth and visit Coldspring! It was dirt cheap…

    What’s the next sweater on the list?

  2. oh shit i just remembered i never responded to your generous invite 🙂 sorry, things have been mad at week. think i’ll pass on it this time out but cheers for the invite. missing you like crazy up here,


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