Streets of Galway 2007

This evening, myself and himself ran the Streets of Galway. It is an 8k (5 mile) run that goes through the city and finishes up with a run down the Prom at Salthill to the finish line. I ran it two years ago in an hour and five minutes. I was chuffed to have even finished it because I’d never run or trained for anything before. This year, I ran it in 51 minutes and though I found it tough enough after some cushy training in the gym, it’s still 15 minutes better than before.

Cardigan gives race number moral support

The knitting of the Puff-Sleeved Cardigan has been a confusing one. I am knitting a larger size than I need to but at a slightly smaller gauge. It seems to be working out but I am very wary of the whole thing. I keep feeling like it’s about to blow up in my hands. All going to plan, I’ll be separating off the sleeves tomorrow and then it’s hell-for-wool to the finish line!

3 thoughts on “Streets of Galway 2007

  1. congratulations on making it to the finish line…and keep “huffing and puffing” at that cardigan, I’ll be cheering you on as you cross that finish line

  2. congrats on the marathon – enjoy the states trip if i’m not talking to you before then!


  3. hey Aileen, I just tagged you, go over to my blog and have a look. The link below the pink button is in english. Going to translate that entry later. Many greetings.

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