Summer Sweater Sprint #3 – FO Cashsilk Top

Only #3?! I’d better hurry things along. This will help.

V-neck Cashsilk

Knitted from the very luxious Cashsilk by Laines du Nord, this was a treat and a half to knit. Yarn had never been put through such rigors before I knit this top. I think I ripped it out and started over about five times…. and look at it! Granted, I haven’t blocked it yet and it needs a bit of a wash from being trawled around in my handbag, but it is as soft and springy as the day I first got it. That’s really saying something. As soon as I rinse it out and block it, the top will be winging its way to This is Knit. All going to plan, the pattern will be up shortly and you’ll be able to knit one of your own, if that’s your inclination.

V-neck and raglan increase detail

Slipped-stitch side seam and hem detail

Back view showing hip increases

I am all puffed up today and not feeling the best so I don’t feel I am doing the top justice. It was much more flattering yesterday! Still, you get the idea.

I have already gotten stuck into Sweater #4, the Pouf Sleeved Cardigan from Fitted Knits. This will be my third attempt at this cardigan – both previous attempts came out monstrously big despite my swatches being exactly to gauge. This time, after swatching extensively, I have decided to use a smaller needle size than before, but knit a slightly bigger size. I am a 35″, thus falling between the 34″ and 36″ sizes. I computed my gauge with the numbers for the 36″ size and all going to plan, I should get something to fit me.

Third time lucky

In another life I probably would have abandoned this cardigan last April but I am determined to figure out how I went wrong! It is infuriating! My first instinct is to blame the numbers (she’s a witch! burn her!!) but on paper, they work out. Designers, eh? You can’t trust them as far as your tape measure! (buy my pattern, won’t you?)

5 thoughts on “Summer Sweater Sprint #3 – FO Cashsilk Top

  1. I love it!!, but if i made it for me i would make my sleeves full length and give them bell bottoms, yep that would totally suit me 😉

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