The English language lacks adjectives for sounds

If there was a word for the sound you make when you furtively peep from under an umbrella when it finally stops raining, I would use it today. It is taking willpower of biblical might to focus on this entry as I am being pursued by the persistent thought of knitting in the shade with an icecream. I know. Sounds good, doesn’t it? As alluring the thought of unsheathing my purple-white Irish legs to the sun is, the feat of having completed my first toe-up sock must take priority.

toeup sock opal

I haven’t even woven in the ends yet. Here’s the heel…

toeup heel

… and the toe. Both are worked in garter stitch short rows. Very easy.

toeup toe

I have also been going hell-for-yoke on the Cashsilk top. I actually completed the yoke this morning but I still need to fit it on and make sure. The next step will be to separate off the sleeves, finish the “V” for the v-neck and then start the bust darts. It’ll be easy going once I get the sleeves off.

topdown v-neck cashsilk

I have been knitting on this mostly whilst watching Twin Peaks. I’ve watched it right from the start and I am about two-thirds of the way through. As with all David Lynch stuff, there’s been a lot of screaming (mostly mine, but not all I’ll have you know). And I have been highly entertained by both the main guy and David Duchovny’s appearance as a cross-dressing FBI agent.

Have a look here. Vogue are giving away ten free patterns to celebrate their 25th anniversary edition.

5 thoughts on “The English language lacks adjectives for sounds

  1. I remember loving Twin Peaks when it came out and no one else in my school watched it. It wasn’t until high school that I found a friend who could talk about it with me. I keep hoping the library will get it in so I can rent it!

  2. That sock looks brilliant! Please tell me how the garter stitch acts when you wear the socks (I can wait until you have a pair and walk around in them). I would like to do a garter stitch short row heel, but all the garter stitch I’ve made in my life ends up looking squished and misshapen.

    OK, maybe not ALL the garter stitch. I’m thinking mainly of the cotton dishrags, and cotton’s not the same, but please put my mind at ease.

    Twin Peaks rules. I lived in Germany when it started, and my dad immediately recognized it as something I’d love, so he started taping it for me. When I got back I was resistant (after all, I was a teenager and was slightly affronted by my dad pretending he could know anything about me, since he was an adult and out of it and couldn’t possibly know anything).

    Then I watched part of an episode with him purely by accident: Dale Cooper received a phone call in the middle of the night, and his hair was sticking straight up on one side. I found this hilarious, and started watching the show from its start, and I was hooked. I also highly recommend the movie Fire: Walk With Me (it has a cameo by David Bowie!). To this day, I can’t watch that movie by myself.

  3. Just want to tell you I enjoy your blog; in particular, I admire your Grannie Smith, a pattern I’m working up the nerve to tackle! I am also grateful for your “Knitting Stores in Ireland” link, as I will be touring the country on my honeymoon next month (I’m in the States), and nothing would be more romantic to me than scouting out some new wool. (Wondering if I’ll find anything “hard to get” in the U.S., or if the Internet pretty much eliminates all that …)

    Anyway, good work!

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