Pimp My Shawl

I have acquired a set of the new Addi Lace needles.

Icarus Shawl
Can knitting get any more bling?

I have been hankering after a nice summer shawl for a long time and finally decided to take the plunge. The yarn? Paton’s Fairytale 2-ply which mysteriously only comes in white. The pattern? Icarus from Interweave Knits Summer 2006. When I was looking for a suitable pattern, I discovered that IK has provided a really good selection over the last 18 months. I really like the idea of a shawl: a snuggly wrap for the summer and a useful scarf that will go with every winter coat.

Progress has been swift on the V-neck raglan. The joy of 6.5mm needles! … and I am past the tedium that is back-and-forth knitting for the V-neck bit.

V-neck raglan

This is a really straight-forward pattern and I look forward to having this useful, cozy jumper in my wardrobe.

In other news, I went to see The Order of the Phoenix today. Listen: even if you detest Harry Potter, I urge you to overcome your feelings and go for the knitting. Every one of the Harry Potter films yields fantastic knitwear which, in turn, yields a strange cross-breed of fan – the Harry Potter fans that knit. Have a look at here and here for an idea of what I’m on about. This latest film has really outdone itself in terms of knitwear. All of Hermione’s sweaters are fantastic – there’s a white ski sweater with lovely cuff and hem detail, a grey sweater with coloured stripes, and the greatest ribbed Gryffindor sweater with tiny little cable details throughout the ribs. Fantastic. She also sports a plain oatmeal coloured stockinette scarf and beanie during the winter term, and a zip-up cardigan with busy colourwork and stripes along the cuffs and hem. Fred and George have matching grey raglan sweaters with orange and brown zig-zags and a zip on one raglan seam. The necks are ribbed but have a rolled brim.

Neville has a great zip-up cardigan in blue, navy and dark green. The criss-cross colourwork detail is all over, but the raglan seams are done in just green, making the seams a prominent detail and alleviating the colourwork at the same time. Umbridge wore, to my amusement, a cropped pink version of the Grannie Smith cardigan. Ginny unfortunately didn’t feature much in this movie; her costumes are always much more bohemian than Hermione’s. She did however appear in a really cool top – cotton or linen, with crocheted granny squares along the neckline. Very effective! The last knit I can remember is a very fine herringbone-stitch cloak that McGonagle wore when Trelawney was being sacked. It really brought home to me how effective this stitch can be when finely knit and reminded me of a sweater I’d seen before. This also got me to thinking of how I keep seeing houndstooth print in unexpected places (womens’ handbags on the street, neck scarves and a woman’s coat last week… unexpected because I always associate houndstooth with winter), and that it would make a great pattern for a small handbag. The dense colourwork would make it very durable, especially if lined.

Anyway. The rest of the film was pretty good!

PS: Check out here for a free Bellatrix Lestrange sock pattern! (opens pdf) The first of three they say!

5 thoughts on “Pimp My Shawl

  1. That raglan sweater looks so soft and cozy! And yeah, the most recent Harry potter was a knitting gold mine, I need to see it again so I can bask in its knitting glory some more. I was sad that they didn’t show anything about SPEW and Hermione knitting house elf hats. Until I started blogging, I never reallly noticed the knits in Harry Potter, but now with all the fun patterns, and Allison Hansel’s book, I notice them way more.

  2. oh no, now you’ve done it! I had planned to see the film with my son – but now we set the date for this thursday! question: how do I take notes about the knitting in a dark cinema:)) it’s bad enough already, I fear for my health now. I did order two fibres already for hp sweaters for DS ….and of course there’s still the dark mark bag and scarf! I wish I could knit magically….

  3. Hi, not to forget about the cool knitwear Loony Luna Lovegood wears. Her sweaters and vests impressed me most. Went to see the film yesterday evening.

  4. *lol* you make me laugh Aileen 🙂 i cant believe how much detail you took down about their knitted outfits! classic 😉

  5. LoL, perhaps you should the the film again to watch the action and not the knitwear. =P I loved the twins’ scarves they recieved for Christmas. I’m sooo temped to knit myself one. I also want Gary Oldman’s coats!!! They were awesome!!!

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