T-shirts and socks

Am I being too hopeful or is the weather starting to pick up? Just a little bit? I have continued with my optomistic knitting of the Lace Leaf T-shirt just to spite the rain.

Leaf Lace T-shirt
Hope springs eternal

It’s turning out quite nicely isn’t it? For those of you who are unfortunate enough to be uninitiated in the ways of top-down knitting, the head goes through the hole in the middle and the bits either side are actually the sleeves. Clever, non? I tried it on last night and to my joy, the neckline is not only exactly how I want but I only have two more increases to go before I divide the sleeves off and go hell-for-lace for the hemline.

Monkeys are monkeying along too. I jumped on the bus up to Sligo yesterday and on the way, picked up stitches for the gusset and went on my merry way decreasing the gusset stitches away for the foot. Glorious though it may sound, the sock still mostly looks the same!

Monkey Sock Knitty

3 thoughts on “T-shirts and socks

  1. You’ve been busy! Your Thermal is gorgeous (loving that plummy colour), the t-shirt will be fab, and you could always wear it over a long sleeved black t-shirt if it is cold? Monkeys = best colourway ever.

    Atta girl – keep on track for the sweater knitting scheme 😉

  2. Why would you call it a T-shirt? It looks like an O to me. 🙂

    You picked a really great colorway for those Monkeys.

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