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I have been working on my Summer Sweater Sprint #2 this week. I was held up by 1. swatching, 2. casting on the wrong number of stitches, 3. casting on the right number of stitches but getting them twisted and not noticing for five inches, 4. casting on the right number of stitches, not getting them twisted but being too mad to carry on. I got going… eventually.

Lace Leaf Tshirt
Lace Leaf T-shirt by Knitting School Dropout

The yarn is Debbie Bliss Cathay in petrol blue. I just love the sheen off this stuff! I modified the size of the top by casting on a lot less stitches to begin with because the original is very wide at the neck. This, hopefully, will be narrower. I’m enjoying the pattern because you work the lace panel on the alternate rows between raglan increases, so you have something to look forward to on every row, instead of just rushing through the plain rows between increases.

There has been some Monkeywork going on too. This has been more sporadic than the rest of my knitting, mostly because I’m saving it for bus journeys and waiting in queues. There are always plenty of those and never enough socks to go around.

Knitty Monkey Sock
Nearly at the heel

I have also been making tremendous progress on my Cashsilk top (The Neverending Knit? I think so). You might recall that I actually finished it but the front shaping, both for the armholes and V-neck, were a disaster. It’s a bit hard to bounce back from a disaster… and yet, here I am. I ripped out, recalculated and reknit the left front this morning. It looks a lot better but I’ll have to do the other one before I know for sure. Time (or in this case, a lot of time) will tell…

3 thoughts on “Some news

  1. Hooray, monkeys!

    I’m not going to talk about that sweater disaster. That’s too awful. 5 inches? I don’t want to encourage it to do stuff like that again.

  2. thats what i hate about knitting, you can guarantee if you think your on a roll, some where down the line there will be a glitch and you’ll have start all over again!

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