Summer Sweater Sprint #1

Thermal is finished! Yesterday morning I finished up the ribbing and pulled it triumphantly over my head (yes, it can be done)!

Thermal Finished Object FO

There were some fiddly bits to do towards the end, such as setting in the sleeves and sewing the plackets down, but overall this was a very straight-forward knit. My ribbing around the neckline is a little longer than called for but I prefer it. I also added a third buttonhole at the top of the placket because I like things to line up properly (and I would probably have an obsessive-compulsive meltdown since all good buttons come in odd numbers). You may notice from the photo that although I have buttonholes, I have no buttons… yet. I will add them over the weekend and when I return to Galway (I am en route to Dublin via Sligo), I’ll enlist the help of a local guy with a fancy camera to take some better FO shots.

Since I finished Thermal early yesterday, I needed a new project to take the edge off during the bus journey to Sligo. What could be better than a hat?

Peruvian Hat
A Hat for Derm

Derm is Alb’s younger brother. Last summer, I bought a peruvian hat at the Electric Picnic for a tenner. Every time I wore it down to Galway after that, Derm would regularly sigh and say, I’d love a hat like that. Since I am quite fond of the hat, I eventually offered to knit him one but because it involved colourwork, I kept putting it off. Anyway, this week we found out that Derm not only got a first in his degree, but came first in his class too. What better reason to knit a hat? Once the llamas are finished (or dogs, according to my mum… dogs with interesting tails), I’ll add ear flaps with a scroll design. I’m going to add an extra layer to the inside of the ear flaps because on my hat, they are too thin and flap about in the wind. This extra layer, which I think I will extend right up to the inner band of the hat, will include his name and mobile number. Derm likes to party and, for a guy who once lost his phone in a canoe in the middle of a field but managed to find it the next day, such details may not be a bad idea! Stay tuned for more dogs.

9 thoughts on “Summer Sweater Sprint #1

  1. Yeah! It’s finished! **does happy dance for you** I have been so excited watching the Thermal grow. Nice work and a job well done.

  2. Hmm…. lots of questions about why a canoe was in the middle of a field and what was he doing in it and all that springs to mind, but perhaps best to leave us wondering!!
    Thermal looks great! well done for finishing it, hope you get plenty of wear out of it.

  3. Oooo lovely! Can’t wait to see what the action shot looks like 😀 Don’t forget to put it on Ravelry ;D

  4. Thanks to Bryony for putting me on to Ravelry – I’d never heard of it before and it looks brilliant. Any users out there?

  5. looking good! he’s going to love it methinks.

    Sara: these are the kind of things that happen at a university kayak club christmas party 🙂

  6. Thermal! She is finished! Oh, that’s just beautiful. I love that hat with the funny-tailed dogs, too 🙂

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